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2002 - 2003



Annual Report FY 03


This has been a very active year.  Librarians completed their second year of teaching Information Literacy 101.  We have reached our goal of presenting the course to 400 students per year but next year we will need to reach about 300 more students since the class will be a requirement for transfers as well as first year students.


Our circulation has steadily grown, as have interlibrary loan and use of electronic reserve materials.  When Marycrest closed in the fall, librarians went over to their library and selected books for our collection to enhance areas of need.  This year we began the exciting process of moving to a new library automation vendor.  This activity will be the focus of much of our attention for the next year also.  We hope to have the new system installed and operating in the beginning of March 2004.


The highlights of this year have been:

·        We have had a number of special events in the Library

·        Information Literacy 101

·        The selection of a new library automation system by SIRSI Inc., which should come online in the Spring of next year.

·        Librarian activities at the National ACRL Conference

o       John Pollitz was part of a panel presentation on Information Literacy in Iowa.


o       Mary Heinzman presented a poster session titled: “We Serve Fun at O’Keefe Library”.



Special Events in the Library

·        This Spring we began a collection of circulating recreational DVDs.  Faculty, staff, and students have been taking advantage of this new selection.













·        Other events included:


Tree decorating in November

In February there was a public lecture on “Dance in Art” held in cooperation with the Quad City Ballet


A paper airplane flying competition during National Library Week

Kristin Quinn’s Three Dimensional Art class displayed their work with books.


A Photography exhibit during Women’s History Month

During Spring semester finals O’Keefe library gave ice cream bars to students in front of the library


Information Literacy

·        Information Literacy 101 has been taught for two years now as a General Education Requirement.  We have averaged around 400 students per year, which are the sort of numbers we planned for.  With increased enrollment and transfer students coming under the requirement we expect to reach many more students.  This Fall Semester we already have 407 students registered for our classes.




·        The Reference Department has continued to offer library instruction to individual classes.  They have concentrated on providing higher level instruction on the skills needed in specific disciplines




·        Our busiest time for reference questions occurred in the early Fall.




·        Usage of our main fulltext article database followed roughly the same pattern as last year.





·        Our attendance in the library has continued to grow.  These statistics have been affected by equipment malfunctions but now can be relied on to give at least a sense of the increased activity within the library.




·        Circulation of material has continued to grow.  This represents a deviation from what is being experienced at other campuses across the country.  Much of the increase is fueled by circulation of e-reserve material but we have also seen increases in what is seen as the more traditional library material.

·        Circulation of books to students is up 18% and circulation of books to faculty and staff is up 23%.  Interestingly we have seen a 29% drop in our circulation of electronic/fulltext books.  The use of electronic reserves continues to grow at a rapid pace with a 30% growth in use over last year.


[John P1] 






·        We experienced a large jump in the number of titles added to our collection this year.  Two major initiatives accounted for much of this jump.

o       We added over 700 new titles that were acquired from Marycrest University when it closed.

o       We also began cataloging material from the Education Department’s curriculum lab and including it in our online catalog.


Interlibrary Loan

·        Growth has continued but at a slower rate this year.

·        Loans requested by faculty still out pace those of our students.



Media Services

·        Media Services continues to develop as source of support for the use of technology on campus.

o       There has been an 82% increase in equipment use

o       5% increase in production

o       597% in crease in technology assistance and workshops given to students, faculty and staff.







Start Date


John H. Pollitz



Administrative Assistant to Director

Mary Kathryn (Kathy) Byers



Head of Reference

Mary Heinzman



Reference Librarian

Stella Herzig



Reference Librarian


Barb Kuttler


Reference Librarian


James O’Gorman


Evening Reference Librarian

Syl Rex



Head of Technical Services

Jennifer Davis


Head of Media Services

Debra Duley



Administrative Assistant for Acquisitions

Nancy Johnson-Van Hecke


Administrative Assistant for Circulation Services

Carol Ann Chouteau


Evening Circulation Supervisor

Ike Matthews



Library Technical Assistant – Technical Services

Sue Baumbach


Library Technical Assistants – Cataloging

Susan Green


Library Technical Assistant – Technical Services

Eliza Gilles


Library Technical Assistant – Interlibrary Loan

Cheryl Arnold



 [John P1]Insert part of the chart that shows the increase by areas over last year.  We are still missing the regular reserve material stats.