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Student Assistants 1995 - 1996
Library Staff 1995 - 1996
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Student Assistants 1995 - 1996
Blint, Dusty Boileau, Sarah Brecht, Stacey Burton, Barb
(Fall only - graduated)
Copulter, Jeannie
Easkle, Mike Forret, Jeff
(Fall only - graduated)
Heckenger, Anne Irwin, Matt Johnson, Janet
(Fall only - graduated)
Koning, Ryan Kopp, Angi
(Fall only - graduated )
Laughlin, Elise Makinster, Sara
(Spring only)
Mattis, Nick
McAleer, Bob
(Spring only)
Mistic, Michelle
(Spring only)
Paternoster, Jeff Pham, Nga Price, Amanda
Pucker, Jeff Pysson, Andrea Reichenbacher, Aimee
(Fall only - graduated)
Schultz, Alexis Trevino, Miguel
Walshire, Julie Welch, Jill Ann Wolfe, Lisa
Summer Student Assistants
Laughlin, Elise Lill, Tonya Mistic, Michelle Welch, Jill Ann

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1995-96 Library Staff
Director Corinne J. Potter 1-Mar-77
Associate Director
for Public Services
Marylaine Block 15-Sep-77
Reference & Systems Nanette Miller 4-Oct-96
Head of Technical Services
& Automation Services
James Corbly 4-Jan-90
Head of Media Services Harold Krubsack 6-Jan-86
Administrative Assistant
to the Director
M. Kathy Byers 4-Jan-93
Administrative Assistant
for Acquisitions
Nancy Johnson-Van Hecke 7-Mar-84
Administrative Assistant
for Circulation Services
CarolAnne DeMarr 18-Jan-88
Evening Circulation
David Buffington 31-Jan-94
Cataloging LTA Jennifer Davis 4-Jan-93
Cataloging Assistant Susan Green 21-Aug-95
Cataloging Assistant Eliza Gillies 4-Mar-96
*Reference Librarian Patricia Kranovich 15-Jul-96
*Public Service Clerk Kathleen Dobbeleare 8-Jul-96

* positions added for expanded services

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Brief Biographies of Current Library Staff
Corinne Potter --MLS, 1976 University of Illinois. Seven years pre-professional experience in public libraries. Came to McMullen Library in 1977 as reference librarian; assumed full management responsibility in 1979. Member--Committee of the Whole for Quad-LINC; Iowa Library Association; Association of College and Research Libraries; and American Library Association.
Marylaine Block -- MLS, 1977 University of Iowa; MA American Civilization, 1968 University of Iowa. Began as reference librarian at SAU in 1977, being promoted to Associate Director in 1979; initiated Library's formal bibliographic instruction program; reviews books for Library Journal; writes internet weekly column for London Mall; created and maintains WWW Where the Wild Things Are.
Nanette Miller --MLS, 1995 University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. BA, 1994 Classical Languages, Kenyon College. Graduate study focused on computer automation and reference services. Three years experience working as assistant in several aspects of academic library settings, including circulation and document delivery. Created and maintains the library homepage.
Marylaine Block Harold Krubsack -- MS in Education Technology, 1969 University of Wisconsin at Stout. Initially an instructor in media technology at U. of Wisc.; then 10 years as director of learning resources at Southwest Wisc. Technical Institute; moving to SAU in 1986 to coordinate the extensive media resources available to faculty, students, and staff. Member - Association of Education Communications Technology, Iowa Educational Media Association.
Jim Corbly -- MLS, 1977 Indiana University; M.Div., 1976 Eden Theological Seminary. Since then has worked in reference, archives, special collections, technical services, and administration in libraries in Indiana and Wisconsin; writes primarily for Meckler publications. Member - American Library Association, Iowa Library Association, Beta Phi Mu.
Stella Herzig -- MLS, 1985 Kent State University. Nine years of experience in libraries including four years as reference librarian at Santa Barbara Public Library, California as well as in the areas of music library work and circulation.
*Patricia Kranovich --MLS 1980, University of Iowa. Held Reference Positions at Cedar Rapids Public Library, Minnesota Valley Regional Library and Wartburg College. Member-American Library Association.
Jennifer Davis -- MS in Library Science, 1990 Florida State University. From 1974 worked in research and statistics for various criminal justice agencies and the Division of Tourism for the state of Florida before joining SAU in 1993. Member -American Library Association, Beta Phi Mu.
Carol Anne DeMarr -- BM Vocal Performance, 1982 St. Ambrose University. Experience in all aspects of library work progressing from page (Davenport P.L.) to circulation supervisor (SAU), also working at University of Missouri-Kansas City library, and Midwest Research Institute-Science and Technology Library.
Nancy Johnson-Van Hecke -- BA English, 1972 Augustana College. Has progressed from Library Technical Assistant to Administrative Assistant at McMullen Library after working in restaurant management and social services for abused children.
Kathy Byers -- BA Accounting, 1995, St. Ambrose University. Twenty years experience in administrative, management and bookkeeping responsibilities for family-owned business.
David Buffington -- AA English, 1991 Scott Community College. Worked for Davenport Public Library for seven and one-half years in children's library, circulation, and technical services, as well as having experience in retail merchandising.
Susan Green --Board of Governors Degree, 1992 Western Illinois University. Six years at DeWitt Public Library as library clerk and children's librarian.
Eliza Gillies --BS English, 1973 Macalester College. Additional graduate hours in Library Science at the University of Iowa. Experience in educational advising and transcript evaluation at post-secondary institutions.
*Kathleen Dobbeleare --Blackhawk College LTA and computer management courses. Held circulation services positions at Blackhawk College and Rock Island Public Library. Member-Phi Theta Kappa.
* Staff members beginning in July 1996.

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Professional Development
Corinne Potter
Corinne, along with Nanette Miller attended the October 1995 On-Line Convention exhibits in Chicago in order to look for the latest hardware and software suitable for the new library. She and Carol Anne DeMarr attended the fall conference of the Iowa Library Association on October 19th and 20th in DesMoines. Most professional development came through the experiences of supervising the transition from an old building to a new one, which included many management meetings with library personnel discussing and implementing projects for both buildings. Other professional activities included participation as St. Ambrose University voting representative for Quad-LINC Committee of the Whole, local academic and special library director's monthly meetings (BiSAL), and numerous on campus meetings with Academic Computing staff and other campus constituencies relating to the transistion to new library services. She also prepared an article titled What do you do when the answer is yes : Planning Technology for a New Academic Library, which is scheduled for publication in the summer issue of Illinois Libraries 1996. In May of 1996 Corinne finished the 2 year responsibility for the Co-Presidency of the local Zonta International Service Club.
Marylaine Block
In June, 1995, Marylaine was chosen as the American columnist for the LondonMall magazine on the worldwide web (http://www.londonmall.co.uk/ww/); her column, My Word's Worth, has been running every week since July, 1995. Marylaine has continued to write monthly book reviews for Library Journal. In the past few months, she has been contributing reviews of web sites to the River Bend Library System's newsletter, Current Contents.
Nanette Miller
Nanette attended the On-Line Convention in Chicago in late October with Corinne and other employees of the River Bend Library System to investigate expanding automated information services in the new building. She is currently signed up for two more seminars in the summer and fall and looks forward to more technical training.
Jim Corbly
Jim was again busy with many activities. An article he co-authored appeared in Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia, 1995: proceedings of ED-MEDIA 95--World Conference on Educational Media and Hypermedia, Graz, Austria. He took part in a televised preservation workshop sponsored by the Iowa Cooperative Preservation Consortium of the State Historical Society of Iowa. Jim presented papers at several meetings - the Computer Forum of the annual meeting of the Iowa Library Association, the spring meeting of the Iowa Conference of Archivists of Catholic Institutions, and the annual meeting of the Iowa OCLC Users Group. Working with the State Library of Iowa, the Iowa OCLC Users Group, and the Iowa Library Association, he wrote a questionnaire designed to be the basis for a database of information on the use of integrated library software systems employed throughout the state. Jim entered this time period as the vice-chair of the cataloging section of the Iowa OCLC Users Group and leaves it as the chair of the section, having been elected to that post by members of the Users Group. Jim also served on the executive council of the group and helped to organize the organization's annual meeting. Locally, Jim has continued to play a leading role on the Technical Information Committee of the River Bend Library System and represented St. Ambrose University as a voting delegate to the Midwest GEAC Users Group.
Harold Krubsack
Harold attended the Iowa Computer Users In Education annual conference in Des Moines this past fall. He is also doing committee work for the Iowa Educational Media Association's annual conference which will be held in Davenport next spring.

Staff Development

Carol Anne DeMarr

September 12, 1995, I attended the Strengthening Libraries Through Support Personnel II held at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
The morning presentation, "Too Much Work & Not Enough Time: How to Keep a Positive Attitude," was the event I chose to attend. The afternoon session was titled: "Training and Supervision of Student and Part-time Workers - A panel presentation." Both were very good, but often much of it is common sense.
On October 19th and 20th, 1995 I also attended the fall conference of the Iowa Library Association on scholarship. Two scholarships were offered to Iowa Library Personnel, focusing on those who have never attended. I applied for a scholarship, and was one of the recipients of the scholarship, which paid registration and some travel expenses. I found this conference to be very stimulating and interesting, as I have never participated in anything like this. It was interesting to watch the procedures during the main lunch meeting - presentations and voting. What was also interesting is the fact that they decided to address some of the needs of support staff during the conference this year.
Susan Green
Susan participated in the Campus Staff Development Day, October 1995. She also attended the State Historical Society of Iowa Preservation Wrokshop on April 12, 1996.
Nancy Johnson-VanHecke, Jeff Forret, Kathy Byers and Susan Green
These staff members all attended the on-campus workshop on HTML on June 11, 1996.
Jeff Forret
Jeff Forret, a December 1995 graduate, was hired for the spring and summer to assist with the planning and followup of the move from McMullen Library to the new building. Once the move duties were concluded, he was assiged to work with the organization of the Archives and Special Collections. In this role he created historical files for every building on our campus, indexed Fr. Farrell's history of St. Ambrose, indexed our campus newspapers and other publications, and cataloged our archive of historical St. Ambrose photographs. He has done a great deal to insure that visitors to our new Special Collections room will find what they are looking for.

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