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Against the tide Browne, Noel  DA 965 .B74 A3 1986
Agony at Easter Coffey, Thomas M.  DA 962 .C46 1971
Al Smith and his America Handlin, Oscar  E 748 .S63 H16 1958
America and Ireland Doyle, David Noel; Edwards, Owen Dudley; editors  E 183.8 .I6 A47 1980
American Catholic experience Dolan, Jay P.  BX 1406.2 .D637 1985
American Catholicism Ellis, John Tracy  BX 1406 .E4 1956
American Catholics and social reform, the new deal O'Brien, David J.  E 184 .C3 O2 1968
American Catholics and the intellectual life Ellis, John Tracy  BX 1407 .I5 E4 1956
American connection: US guns money and influence in Northern Ireland Holland, Jack  E 183.8 .G7 H764 1987
American opinion and the Irish question, 1910-1923 Carroll, Francis M.  DA 959 .C37 1978
Americanist Heresy in Roman Catholicism McAvoy, Thomas Timothy  BX 1407 .A5 M18 1963
Anglo-Irish tradition Beckett, James C.  DA 947 .B4 1976
Anglo-Norman Ireland, c1100-1318 Dolley, Michael  DA 933 .D64 1972
Anglo-Saxons and Celts Curtis. L. Perry  DA 530 .C9 1968
Apes and angels: the Irishman in Victorian caricature Curtis, Lewis P. Jr.  DA 925 .C85 1971
Archaism of Irish tradition Dillon, Myles  PB 1213 .D55 1969
Architecture of Deane and Woodward O'Dwyer, Frederick  NA 997 .D43 O48 1997
Arthur Griffith and non violent Sinn Fein Davis, Richard P.  DA 960 .D38 1974
Arthur J. Balfour and Ireland 1874-1922 Shannon, Catherine B.  DA 957 .S45 1988
At the crossroads Skerrett, Ellen  BX 4603 .C5 S253 1997
Atlas of Irish history Edwards, Ruth Dudley  G 1831 .S1 E3 1981
Atlas of the Irish rural landscape  REF G 1831 .G4 A8 1997b
Austin Clarke's Body: enforced continence and censorship in his memoirs Dillon, Brian PR 6006 .L37 Z55 2006
Background of the French Revolution Idzerda, Stanley J.  D 6 .P87 v.21 1959
Bardic poetry Bergin, Osborn  PB 1333 .B4 1969
Belfast diary: war as a way of life Conroy, John  DA 995 .B5 C66 1987
Belfast: the making of the city 1800-1914 Beckett, J.C.  DA 995 .B5 B63 1983
Bend for home: a memoir Healy, Dermot  PR 6058 .E19 Z463 1996
Beyond nationalism Fennell, Desmond  JC 361 .F38 1985
Beyond the melting pot Glazier, Nathan; Moynihan, Daniel Patrick  F 128.9 .A1 G55 1970
Bianconi, king of the Irish roads Bianconi, M. O'Connell; Watson, S.J.  HE 5749 .I73 B52 1962
Biting at the grave: the Irish hunger strikes and the politics of dispair O'Malley, Padraig  HV 9649 .N67 O43 1990
Bloody Sunday and the report of the Widgery tribunal  DA 995 .L75 B586 1997
Bloody Sunday massacre in North Ireland, the eyewitness accounts Mullan, Don  DA 995 .L75 B58 1997
Bloomsday book: a guide through Joyce's "Ulysses" Blamires, Harry  PR 6019 .O9 U626 1966
Book of Durrow. Evangeliorum quattour Codex Durmachensis (vols 1-2)   SPEC COLL BS 2552 .D8 L8 1960
Book of migrations, some passages in Ireland Solnit, Rebecca  DA 978.2 .S63 1997
Boston Irish, a political history O'Connor, Thomas  F 73.9 .I6 O28 1995
Boston's immigrants Handlin, Oscar  F 73.9 .A1 H3 1968
Brendan Behan's island: an Irish sketchbook Behan, Brendan  PR 6003 .E417 Z54
Britain and Ireland Mansergh, Nicholas  DA 912 .M34 1942
Britain between the wars 1918-40 Mowat, Charles Loch  DA 578 .M67 1956
British military dilemma in Ireland Muenger, Elizabeth A.  DA 957 .M8 1991
British society since 1945 Marwick, Arthur  DA 566.4 .M358 1982
Burden of our history Lyons, F.S.L.  DA 990 .U46 L96 1979
C. S. Parnell Bew, Paul  DA 958 .P2 B48 1980
Catholic America Cogley, John  BX 1406.2  .C57 1986
Catholic campus Wakin, Edward  LC 487 .W26 1963
Catholic church and Ireland in the age of rebellion, 1859-1873 Norman, E.R.  DA 955 .N6 1965
Catholic Church in nineteenth century Ireland Keenan, Desmond J.  BX 1505 .K43 1983
Catholic community in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries Corish, Patrick J.  BX 1504 .C67 1981
Catholic education and politics in Ontario Walker, Franklin A.  LC 504.2 .O57 W3 1986
Catholic emancipation crisis in Ireland 1823-29 Reynolds, James A.  BX 1504 .R45 1954
Catholic emancipation: Daniel O'Connell and the birth of Irish democracy, 1820-1830 O'Ferrall, Fergus  DA 950.3 .O36 1985
Catholic fiction and social reality in Ireland Murphy, James H.  PR 8807 .S63 M87 1997
Celts, Catholics and Copperheads Hernon, Joseph M.  E 469.8 .H43 1968
Censoring Irish Nationalism Burns-Bisogno, Louisa  PN 1995.9 .I68 B87 1997
Charles Stewart Parnell Lyons, F.S.L.  DA 958 .P2 L89 1977
Chief O'Neill's Sketchy Recollections of an eventful life in Chicago O'Neill, Francis F 548.9 .I6 O54 2008
Chief Secretary: Augustine Burrell in Ireland O Broin, Leon  DA 566.9 .B52 O3 1969
Church in Medieval Ireland Watt, John A.  BR 794 .W353 1972
Church state and nation in Ireland, 1898-1921 Miller, David W.  BX 1505 .M54 1973
Citizen of no mean city: Archbishop Patrick Riordan of San Francisco, 1841-1914 Gaffey, James P.  BX 4705 .R555 G33 1976
Civil war in Ireland 1922-1923 Neeson, Eoin  DA 963 .N4 1969
Coercion and conciliation in Ireland 1880-1892 Curtis, Lewis Perry, Jr.  DA 957 .C78 1963
Collected Stories of Isaac Bashevis Singer Singer, Isaac Bashevis PJ 5129 .S49 A22 1982
Colonial nationalism 1698-1776 Simms, J.G.  JN 1409 .M62 S57 1976
Community culture and conflict O Tuathaigh, M.A.G.  HN 400.3 .A8 C67 1986
Comparative aspects of Irish and Japanese economic and social history Matsuo, Taro  DS 837 .C67 1993
Concise dictionary of national biography to 1900  REF DA 28 .C66 1992
Conflict in northern Ireland: the development of a polarized community Darby, John  DA 990 .U46 D27 1976
Connaught Fletcher, George  DA 990 .C6 C66 1922
Constitution of Northern Ireland Watt, David  DA 990 .U46 C67 1981
Contemporary Irish studies Gallagher, Tom  DA 963 .C62 1983
Correspondence of Daniel O'Connell: the liberator O'Connell, Daniel  DA 950.22 .A4 1888
Correspondence of Daniel O'Connell O'Connell, Maurice R.  DA 950.22 .A2 1973
Crimes against fecundity: Joyce and population control Lowe-Evans, Mary  PR 6019 .O9 Z7165 1989
Crown & castle: British rule in Ireland, 1800-1830 Brynn, Edward  DA 950.2 .B75 1978
Cultural traditions in Northern Ireland Crozier, Maurna  DA 925 .C857 1990
Culture and anarchy in Ireland, 1890-1939 Lyons, F.S.L.  DA 957 .L94 1979
Dagger John: the unquiet life and times of archbishop John Hughes of New York Shaw, Richard  BX 4705 .H79 S5 1977
Damnable question: a study in Anglo-Irish relations Dangerfield, George  DA 962 .D27 1976
Daniel O'Connell Gwynn, Denis  DA 950.22 .G95 1947
Daniel O'Connell and the repeal year McCaffrey, Lawrence J.  DA 950.22 .M18 1966
Daniel O'Connell and the revival of national life in Ireland Dunlop, Robert  DA 950.22 .D9 1900
Daniel O'Connell: portrait of a radical Nowlan, Kevin B.; O'Connell, Maurice R.  DA 950.22 .D36 1984
Daniel O'Connell, nine centenary essays Tierney, Michael  DA 950.22 .T53 1949
Daniel O'Connell O'Ferrall, Fergus  DA 950.22 .O43 1981
Daniel O'Connell and his day Luby, Thomas Clarke  DA 950.22 .L81 1909
Daniel O'Connell Hamilton, J.A.  DA 950.22 .H35 1909
Dawning of democracy, Ireland, 1800-1870 McCartney, Donal  DA 950 .M33 1987
De Valera and his times O'Carroll, John P.  DA 965 .D4 D4 1983
De Valera: long fellow, long shadow Coogan, Timothy Patrick  DA 965 .D4 C66 1993
Dear, dirty Dublin: a city in distress 1899-1916 O'Brien, Joseph V.  DA 995 .D75 O27 1982
Decade of the United Irishmen: contemporary accounts, 1791-1801 Killen, John  DA 948.5 .D43 1997
Deluge: British society and the First World War Marwick, Arthur  DA 577 .M37 1965
Development of William Butler Yeats 1885-1900 Orel, Harold  PR 5907 .O7 1968
Devil's card Maher, Mary  PS 3563 .A358 D48 1992
Devoy's post bag 1871-1928 (2 vol.) Devoy, John; editors: O'Brien, William; Ryan, Desmond  DA 958 .D4 A4 1948
Dimensions of British radicalism Heyck, Thomas William  DA 957 .H4 1974
Distant magnet: European emigration to the U.S.A. Taylor, Philip A.M.  JV 6450 .T37 1972
Divided Ulster De Paor, Liam  DA 990 .U46 D37 1970
Dublin Castle and the 1916 Rising O Broin, Leon  DA 962 .O27 1970
Dynamics of cultural nationalism Hutchinson, John  DA 925 .H88 1987
Economic history of Ireland since 1600 Cullen, Louis M.  HC 257 .I6 C83 1972
Emancipist Daniel O'Connell 1830-47 MacDonagh, Oliver DA 950.22 .M228 1989
Emergence of liberal Catholicism in America  Cross, Robert D.  BX 1407 .A5 C7 1958
Emergence of modern Ireland, 1600-1900 Cullen, Louis M.  HN 400.3 .A8 C84 1981
Emigrants and exiles: Ireland and the Irish exodus to North America Miller, Kerby A.  JV 7711 .Z79 U55 1985
England and Ireland since 1800 O'Farrell, Patrick  DA 950 .O37 1975
England in the 20th century 1914-63 Thomson, David  DA 566 .T56 1965
England in the nineteenth century, 1815-1914 Thomson, David  DA 530 .T5 1950
English face of Irish nationalism O'Day, Alan  DA 951 .O33 1977
Englishmen and Irish troubles Boyce, David George  DA 962 .B59 1972b
Episode in anti-Catholicism: the American Protective Association Kinzer, Donald Louis  BX 1760 .A6 K5 1964
Erin's heirs: Irish bonds of community Clark, Dennis  F 158.9 .I6 C545 1991
Ethnic Chicago Jones, Peter d'A; Holli, Melvin G.  F 548.9 .A1 E85 1981
Ethnicity and public policy Van Horne, Winston A.; Tonnesen, Thomas V.  E 184 .A1 E88 1982
Ethnicity and the work force Van Horne, Winston A.  HD 8081 .A5 E75 1985
Ethnicity in the United States Greeley, Andrew M.  E 184 .A1 G827 1974
European traditions in the twentieth century MacDonald, William W.  DA 443 .E86 1979
Explorations of Affiliation: Irish indentured servitude in the English West Indies Keating-Miller, Jennifer PR 8718 .K438 2008
Explosion of British society 1914-1962 Marwick, Arthur  DA 566.4 .M35 1963
Faith of our fathers Goldring, Maurice  DA 957 .G6413 1982
Fall of feudalism in Ireland, or, the Story of the land league revolution Davitt, Michael  DA 951 .D2 1904
Fall of Parnell, 1890-91 Lyons, F.S.L.  DA 958 .P2 L9 1960
Famine in Ireland Daly, Mary E.  DA 950.7 .D35 1986
Father Mathew, temperance and Irish identity Townend, Paul HV 5032 .M3 T68 2002
Feargus O'Connor: Irishman and Chartist Read, Donald  HD 8396 .R4 1961
Fenian fever: an Anglo-American dilemma O Broin, Leon  DA 954 .O24 1971b
Fenian memories Ryan, Mark Frances  DA 958 .R94 A3 1946
Fenian movement Moody, T.W.  DA 954 .M6 1968
Fenians and Anglo American relations during Reconstruction Jenkins, Brian  E 183.8 .G7 J46 1969
Fenians in context Comerford, R. V.  DA 954 .C66 1985
Fifty years after: Ireland since the treaty Cronin, Sean  DA 963 .F43 1971
Folk music and dances of Ireland Breathnach, Breandan  ML 287 .B74 1977
Free State or Republic? DeBurca, Padraig DA 963 .D42 2002
Gaelic and Gaelicised Ireland in the Middle Ages Nicholls, Kenneth W.  DA 933 .N5 1972
Gaelic league idea O Tuama, Sean  PB 1205 .G33 1972
Gaelic story teller by J. H. Delargy O Duilearga, Seamus  GR 147 .D45 1969
Gender and sexuality in modern Ireland Bradley, Anthony  HQ 18 .I73 G45 1997
Gladstone, home rule, and the Ulster question, 1882-93 Loughlin, James  DA 951 .L68 1987
Glimpse of town and country in eighteenth century Wall, Maureen; Simms, J.G.  DA 947 .G54 1971
Good shepherd Fleming, Thomas  PS 3556 .L45 G66 1974
Great famine Edwards, R. Dudley; Williams, T. Desmond  DA 950.7 .E3 1957
Great melody, a thematic biography of Edmund Burke O'Brien, Conor Cruise  DA 506 .B9 O29 1992
Great silence De Freine, Sean  PB 1215 .D4 1978
Guerilla days in Ireland Barry, Tom  DA 962 .B3 1949
Hampton court Connor, Lawrence S.  PN 4874 .C6 H3 1995
Hanna Sheehy Skeffington, a life Ward, Margaret  HQ 1600.3 .Z75 S558 1997
Hereditary Bondsman Daniel O'Connell 1775-1829 MacDonagh, Oliver DA 950.22 .M23 1988
Hibernia America Clark, Dennis  E 184 .I6 C68 1986
Historical dimensions of Irish Catholicism Larkin, Emmet  BX 1503 .L37 1984
History of Ireland in the eighteenth century Lecky, W.E.H.  DA 947 .L46 1972b
History of Ireland under the union 1801-1922 O'Hegarty, P.S.  DA 950 .O5 1952
History of modern Ireland Norman, Edward  DA 950 .N67 1971
History of Northern Ireland Buckland, Patrick  DA 990 .U46 B79 1981
History of the Irish Parliamentary Party O'Donnell, F. H.  DA 960 .O4 1910
Home rule movement Macdonagh, Michael  DA 957 .M3 1920
Husbandry to housewifery Bourke, Joanna  HQ 1600.3 .B68 1993
Idea of a Nation Clery, Arthur DA 960 .C66 2002
Ideology and the Irish question Bew, Paul  DA 960 .B49 1994
Imagination of an insurrection, Dublin, Easter 1916 Thompson, William Irwin  DA 962 .T45 1972
Immigrant church Dolan, Jay P.  BX 1418 .N5 D64
Immigrant experience, the anguish of becoming… Wheeler, Thomas C.  JV 6450 .I55 1972
Immigration to New York Pencak, William  JV 7048 .I55 1991
In their place Carlson, Lewis H.  E 184 .A1 C33 1972
Independent Ireland Fanning, Ronan  DA 959 .F36 1983
Independent Irish party 1850-9 Whyte, J.H.  JN 1411 .W5 1958
Inis Beag isle of Ireland Messenger, John C.  GF 561 .M47 1969
Inishkillane: change and decline in the west Brody, Hugh  HN 398 .I7 B76 1974
Insurrection in Dublin Stephens, James  DA 962 .S8 1978
Interpretation of Renaissance humanism Bouwsma, WIlliamJ.  D 6 .P87 v.18 1959
IRA Coogan, Timothy Patrick  DA 963 .C63 1970
Ireland 1912-1885 Lee, J.J.  DA 963 .L44 1989
Ireland a history Kee, Robert  DA 938 .K43 1980
Ireland and the American emigration, 1850-1900 Schrier, Arnold  JV 7711 .Z79 U57 1958
Ireland and the arts Coogan, Timothy Patrick  NX 546 .A1 I75 1983
Ireland and the death of kindness Gailey, Andrew  DA 957.9 .G35 1987
Ireland before the famine, 1798-1848 O'Tuathaigh, Gearoid  DA 950.2 .O88 1972
Ireland before the Normans O'Corrain, Donnchadh  DA 930 .O23 1972
Ireland MacDonagh, Oliver  DA 950 .M18 1968
Ireland Gwynn, Stephen  DA 977 .G85 1925
Ireland in the eighteenth century Johnston, Edith Mary  DA 947 .J63 1974
Ireland in the war years Carroll, Joseph T.  D 754 .I5 C37 1975
Ireland in the war years and after 1939-51 Nowlan, Kevin B.; Williams, T. Desmond  DA 959.1 .I74 1969
Ireland since 1800 Hoppen, K. Theodore  DA 950 .H685 1989
Ireland since the famine Lyons, F.S.  DA 951 .L94 1971
Ireland since the rising Coogan, Timothy Patrick  DA 963 .C64 1966
Ireland: a social and cultural history Brown, Terence  DA 963 .B756 1981
Ireland's English question O'Farrell, Patrick James  DA 938 .O37 1971
Irish O'Faolain, Sean  DA 912 .O5 1969
Irish agrarian rebellion: the Whiteboys of 1769-76 Donnelly, J.S.  DA 948 .A2 D66 1983
Irish agricultural production, the historical background Crotty, Raymond D.  HD 1930 .I6 C72 1975
Irish America and the Ulster conflict Wilson, Andrew J.  DA 990 .U46 W488 1995
Irish American experience, a guide to the literature Metress, Seamus P.  REF E 184 .I6 M47 1981
Irish Americans identity and assimilation Fallow, Marjorie R.  E 184 .I6 F24
Irish and Catholic power Blanshard, Paul  BX 1505 .B55 1953
Irish brigade Jones, Paul John  E 540 .I6 J6 1969
Irish Connery, Donald S.  DA 959.1 .C65 1970
Irish Catholic experience Corish, Patrick  BX 1503 .C67 1985
Irish Catholics and freedom since 1916 Fennell, Desmond  BX 1505 .F46 1984
Irish constitutional tradition Ward, Alan J.  JN 1411 .W37 1994
Irish convention 1917-18 McDowell, R.B.  DA 962 .M26 1970
Irish countryman Arensberg, Conrad  GN 585 .I7 A7 1968
Irish education experiment: the national system Akenson, Donald  LA 641.7 .A7 1970
Irish federalism in the 1870s McCaffrey, Lawrence J.  SPEC.COLL. DA 957 .M22 1962
Irish free state and its senate O'Sullivan, Donal Joseph  JN 1415 .O74 1940
Irish heritage: the landscape, the people Evans, E. Estyn  DA 925 .E9 1942
Irish history and culture aspects of a peoples Orel, Harold  DA 925 .I74 1976
Irish history and mythology in James Joyces The Dead Kelleher, John V.  PR 6019 .O9 D48 1971
Irish home rule O'Day, Alan  DA 957 .O24 1998
Irish home-rule convention Russell, George W.  DA 962 .Q6 1917
Irish in America Wittke, Carl  E 184 .I6 W5 1956
Irish in America Maguire, John Francis  E 184 .I6 M2 1870
Irish in America Blessing, Patrick J.  E 184 .I6 B54 1992
Irish in Britain O'Connor, Kevin  DA 125 .I7 O36 1972
Irish in Britain Jackson, John Archer  DA 125 .I7 J3 1963
Irish in Chicago McCaffrey, Lawrence J.  F 548.9 .I6 I
Irish in modern Scotland Handley, James E.  JV 7708 .I7 H23 1947
Irish in New Orleans 1800-1860 Niehaus, Earl F.  F 379 .N5 N69 1965
Irish in the United States Duff, John  E 184 .I6 D8 1971
Irish issue Van Etten, William  DA 990 .U46 H65 1974
Irish journal Boll, Heinrich  DA 978 .B58 1971
Irish land and British politics Steele, E.D.  HD 625 .S83 1974
Irish language Greene, David  PB 1217 .G7 1977
Irish mind Kearney, Richard  DA 925 .I743 1985
Irish nationalism and British democracy Strauss, E.  DA 950 .S8 1951
Irish nationalism and the American contribution McCaffrey, Lawrence J.  DA 950 .I7 1976
Irish parliamentary party Lyons, F.S.L.  JN 1411 .L9 1951
Irish peasant society Connell, K. H.  HD 625 .C75 1968
Irish peasants, violence & political unrest 1780 Clark, Samuel; Donnelly, James S. Jr.  DA 948 .A2 I74 1983
Irish political parties, an introduction Manning, Maurice  JN 1571 .M37 1972
Irish question Mansergh, Nicholas  DA 951 .M3 1965a
Irish question McCaffrey, Lawrence J.  DA 950 .M1103
Irish republic Macardle, Dorothy  DA 959 .M3 1951
Irish republic, a political study of modern Ireland O'Leary, Cornelius  JF 1075 .I6 O4 1961
Irish struggle 1916-1926 Williams, Desmond  DA 960 .W48 1966
Irish urban cultures Curtin, Chris  HT 133 .I75 1993
Irish volunteers 1913-1915 Martin, F. X.  DA 960 .M3 1963
Irony of Irish democracy Schmitt, David E.  DA 963 .S35 1973
James Joyce Svevo, Italo PR 6019.O9 Z794 1950
James Joyce's Dublin Hutchins, Patricia  PR 6019 .O9 Z6 1950
James Larkin Irish labour leader Larkin, Emmet J.  HD 8393 .L3 L3 1968
James T. Farrell  PS 3511 .A738 Z93
John Dillon: a biography Lyons, F.S.L. DA 958 .D5 L88 1968
Kennedy imprisonment a meditation on power Wills, Garry  E 843 .W54 1982
King of the beggars, a life of Daniel O'Connell O'Faolain, Sean  DA 950.22 .O4 1980
Land and the national question in Ireland Bew, Paul  HD 1511 .G73 B48 1979
Land question and the Irish economy Solow, Barbara Lewis  HD 625 .S64 1971
Land, politics, and society in eighteenth-century. Power, T.P.  DA 990 .T5 P69 1993
Laurel and the ivy Kee, Robert  DA 958 .P2 K44 1993
Leaders and men of the Easter rising Martin, F.X.  DA 962 .M448 1967
Legends of saints and sinners Hyde, Douglas  PB 1383 .H8 1915
Lennox Robinson O'Neill, Michael J.  PR 6035 .O56 Z77 1964
Letters of Sean O'Casey Krause, David  PR 6029 .C33 Z53 1975
Liberator Daniel O'Connell and the Irish party MacIntyre, Angus D.  DA 950.22 .M24 1965
Life and times of Daniel O'Connell Daunt, W.J. O'N.  SPEC.COLL. DA 950.22 .D3 1867
Life and times of James Connolly Greaves, C. Desmond  DA 965 .C7 G7 1971
Life of Charles Stewart Parnell O'Brien, R. Barry  DA 958 .P2 O2 1910
Life of Tim Healy O'Flaherty, Liam  DA 958 .H4 O4 1927a
Life of William O'Brien MacDonagh, Michael  DA 958 .O3 M3 1928
Living with war Belfrage, Sally  DA 995 .B5 B64 1987
Making of 1916, studies in the history Nowlan, Kevin B.  DA 962 .M445 1969
Man of the house, the life and political memoirs of Speaker Tip O'Neill O'Neill, T.P.  E 840.8 .O54 A3 1987
Marxism since the communist manifesto Meyer, Alfred G.  D 6 .P87 v.41 1961
Mary McCarthy, a life Gelderman, Carol W.  PS 3525 .A1435 Z64 1988
Matthew Arnold and the Celtic revival Kelleher, John V.  PR 4024 .K35 1971
Memoir on Ireland O'Connell, Daniel  DA 910 .O35 1970
Memoirs of an old parliamentarian O'Connor, T.P.  DA 958 .O5 A3 1929
Michael Collins and the invisible army Ryan, Desmond  DA 962 .R9 1968
Michael Collins, the secret file Stewart, A.T. Q.  DA 965 .C6 M54 1997
Michael Davitt: revolutionary, agitator,… Sheehy-Skeffington, F.  DA 958 .D2 S5 1967
Modern Ireland Foster, R.F.  DA 938 .F67 1989
Modernisation of Irish society Lee, Joseph  DA 951 .L295 1973
Murder machine and other essays Pearse, Padraic  DA 951 .P38 1976
Mutiny at the Curragh Ryan, A. P.  DA 960 .R9 1956
My life and memories Clarke, Joseph I. C.  PS 1299 .C54 Z5 1925
Narrow ground: aspects of Ulster 1609-1969 Stewart, A. T. Q.  DA 990 .U46 S776 1977
Nationalism and socialism in twentieth-century Rumpf, E.  DA 963 .R85 1977
Nationalism and the Irish peasant 1800-1848 Brown, Thomas N.  DA 950.2 .B7 1971
Nationalism in Ireland Boyce, D. George  DA 950 .B68 1982
Nationalism, interpreters and interpretations Shafer, Boyd C.  D 6 .P87 v.20 1963
Native Irish grammarian Bergin, Osborn  PB 1221 .B4 1969
Never look back, the career and concerns of John J. Burke Sheerin, John B.  BX 4705 .B898 S5 1975
New immigrants in New York Foner, Nancy  F 128.9 .A1 N38 1987
New Irish Americans O'Hanlon, Ray  E 184 .I6 O47 1998
Nineteenth century Irish Chicago Fanning, Charles  F 548.9 .I6 F36 1980
Northern Ireland Darby, John  DA 990 .U46 N675 1983
Northern Ireland Rose, Richard  DA 990 .U46 R65 1976
Northern Ireland since 1920 Harkness, David  DA 990 .U46 H37 1983
Northern Ireland: a report on the conflict London Sunday Times  DA 990 .U46 N67 1972b
Occasional prose McCarthy, Mary  PS 3525 .A1435 A6 1985
O'Connell, young Ireland and violence O'Connell, Maurice R.  DA 950.22 .O25 1977
On Anglo Irish syntax Hamel, A.G. Van  PB 1521 .V35 1971
Orange riots, Irish political violence in New York Gordon, Michael A.  F 128.9 .I6 G67 1993
Orangeism in Ireland and Britain Senior, Hereward  DA 950 .S44 1966
Paddy and Mr. Punch Foster, R.F.  DA 925 .F63 1995
Parnell Lyons, F.S.L.  DA 958 .P2 L96 1963
Partners in Revolution: the United Irishmen and France Elliott, Marianne DA 948.5 .E38 1982
Passing of the Irish Act of Union Bolton, G. C.  DA 949.5 .B6 1966
Patrick Pearse: the triumph of failure Edwards, R. Dudley  DA 965 .P4 E28 1979
Peace by ordeal Longford, Frank Pakenham  DA 962 .L6 1967
Peel and O'Connell Eversley, G. Shaw-Lefevre  DA 950.2 .E9 1970
Peel, priests and politics Kerr, Donal A.  DA 950.5 .K47 1982
Personality of Ireland Evans, E. Estyn  GF 561 .E92 1973
Perspectives on Irish nationalism Hachey, Thomas E.  DA 950 .P47 1989
Piety and nationalism Clarke, Brian P.  F 1059.7 .I6 C58 1993
Pilgrimage in Ireland Harbison, Peter  BX 2320.5 .I73 H37 1991
Plunkitt of Tammany Hall Riordan, William L.  JK 2319 .N57 R5 1995
Political problems 1850-1860 Whyte, John H.  BX 1503 .H55 1967 v.5 no.2/3
Politics of Irish literature: from Thomas Davis Brown, Malcolm J.  DA 950 .B76 1972b
Politics of repeal Nowlan, Kevin B.  DA 950.5 .N6 1965
Population of Ireland, 1750-1845 Connell, K.H. HB 3489 .C6 1950
Portable Malcolm Cowley Cowley, Malcom PS 3505.0956 A6 1990
Poverty and progress, social mobility in a nineteenth century city Thernstrom, Stephan  HN 65 .T45 1964
Pre-famine Ireland Freeman, Thomas Walter  HN 398 .I7 F7 1957
Prejudice and tolerance in Ulster Harris, Rosemary  HN 398 .N6 H37 1972
Priest, politics and society in post famine Ireland O'Shea, James  DA 990 .T5 O84 1983
Priests and people in pre-famine Ireland Connolly, S. J.  BX 1504 .C66 1982
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Prolegomena to the study of the later Irish bards Quiggin, E.C.  PB 1322 .Q82 1967
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