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Troubleshooting Tips
for Online Access/Electronic Reserves

If you are experiencing problems accessing online databases or electronic reserves, ask yourself these questions:

What Internet browser are you using?
Because our site was created with MicroSoft products, using Internet Explorer produces better results than using Netscape Navigator.  Having the most current version of Internet Explorer will also help.

What is your ISP (Internet Service Provider)?
America Online (AOL) does not support Java script, so if you are connecting through AOL and experience problems, you may want to go to a computer with a different ISP (such as the public library).  Or, you might want to try opening a second browser window through AOL and accessing Internet Explorer through that.  To do that, minimize the AOL window and then click on the Internet Explorer icon or choose Internet Explorer from the Programs menu.
WebTV does not currently support the type of java-rich material utilized by this web site.

Do you have Adobe Acrobat Reader loaded on your computer hard drive?
You can go to to download this on your computer at no charge.

Are you trying to gain access at work?
Your office network may have a firewall installed for protection which prevents you from downloading .pdf forms.  Check with your office computer support person.

How old (and fast) is your computer?
     It may take a long time (5+ minutes) to download a file or module depending on the age of your computer.  If that is the case, you may want to click on the file, then go do something else while it loads.

Do you have the correct password?
     Passwords change every semester.  To obtain the current password, call the Reference Desk at the Library at (563) 333-6245 and be prepared to verify your student status by providing the librarian with your St. Ambrose ID number

If all else fails....
     Call the Reference Desk at the the Library at (563) 333-6245.  Perhaps we can print off the information you need and fax it to your home or office, or drop it in the mail.

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