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Disability Services

In an attempt to accommodate all our students, the new St. Ambrose Library Building was designed in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.


The entrance is located on the west side of the building, facing the campus Quad. A ramp for wheelchair accessibility extends from the parking lot, situated on the corner of Locust and Ripley, to the front door. The front entrance is equipped with automatic doors, activated by the designated blue button on the brick archway. 


The red wall opposite the entrance indicates the core service facilities of the building. It is on this wall that the elevator, which provides access to the other floors, may be found.

Carrels and Counters

The counters at both the Information and the Circulation desk have wheelchair access. Furthermore, there are carrels designed specifically for use by wheelchair bound patrons.


The restrooms and drinking fountain, which are located against the red wall on the south side of the building on every floor, are handicapped accessible.


For patrons with visual impairments there is a CCTV Magnareader available on the north side of the first floor.  This machine will magnify text, pictures, and three-dimensional objects up to 70x in both color and black and white.


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August 2009

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