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Ambrose Hall


Ambrose Hall was built in 1885.

The first class in Ambrose Hall was on October 2, 1885.



Documents pertaining to Ambrose Hall


Document Source

"Ambrose Hall Celebrates Centennial"

Ambrose Magazine November 21, 1985  
"Ambrose Hall: A New Beginning" Ambrose Magazine April 4, 1989
New Student Union, "the Beehive" Public Announcement, 1961
Designs for the new Beehive. Public Announcement, 1961
Architect for Ambrose Hall Bees and Burr Oaks, pgs 26-30


Pictures pertaining to Ambrose Hall


Image Source
Boardroom in Ambrose Hall  Library Archives
Ambrose College

Library Archives

Backside of Ambrose Hall, Beehive Library Archives, 1970s
Ambrose Hall, front view Ambrose Postcard, 1907
Old chapel, now the Boardroom Library Archives
Sketch of Ambrose Hall, 1892 Oaks and Acorns, 1951, pg 13
Front view of Ambrose Hall Publicity Photo, Summer 1994
Black and white of Ambrose balcony Library Archives, 1960s
Ambrose steeple with the oaks Library Archives
Old Ambrose The Ambrosian, 1919






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