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Rohlman Hall


Rohlman Hall was built in 1958.

The building was opened in September, 1960.  Extensive remodeling was done in 2001.



Documents pertaining to Rohlman Hall


Document Source
"Work Progresses on New Dormitory" Acorns and Oaks, 1959
"Dormitory Completed, List Contributors" Acorns and Oaks, 1960
Facts and Figures for Rohlman Acorns and Oaks, winter 1960
"Residence Halls Renamed" Ambrose Scene, 1990
Rohlman Hall Bees and Burr Oaks, pg 214-215

Pictures pertaining to Rohlman Hall


Image Source
Most Reverend Henry P. Rohlman Library Archives
Commencement outside Rohlman Library Archives
Rohlman Lounge, 1960 Library Archives
Rohlman from the North side, taken from Cosgrove  Library Archives
Rohlman's South side, unloading for school Library Archives.


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