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St. Ambrose Statue


      The statue was placed in front of Ambrose Hall in October, 1895.

James Anderson restored the statue in 1986.


Documents pertaining to Ambrose Statue


Document Source
"Will the Real Saint Ambrose stand?" the Paper, SAC, April 12, 1984
"College Namesake Falls Prey to Accident" Ambrose Magazine, November 21, 1985
"Statue Committee Goes to Work" Ambrose Magazine, December 12, 1985
Replacing the Statue Ambrose Magazine, February 20, 1986
St. Pat Statue in place of Ambrose Statue Ambrose Magazine, March 20, 1986
"Now You See It, Now You Don't" Ambrose Magazine, April 3, 1986
"Statue's New Look on its Way" Ambrose Magazine, September 4, 1986
"Statue is Back; Well Almost" Ambrose Magazine, October 23, 1986
Ambrose Statue Bees and Burr Oaks, pg44-45





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