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V-12 Naval Training at St. Ambrose College

In April 1942, it was announced that a Naval training program would open at St. Ambrose College beginning in June 1943.  The new V-12 Naval Program was to have a minimum of 300 trainees and would include such offerings as aviation, military science & tactics, and advanced military science.  Classes began July 1, 1943.  The Navy remained at St. Ambrose College until October 1945.

(Photo at left from a 1944 postcard)

Documents Pertaining to the V-12 Naval Training Program:

Calendar of St. Ambrose College in the War Time     1943

"Anchors Aweigh at Ambrose" by John Willard          Quad City Times, 7-17-01

"The Navy at St. Ambrose College"                           Bees & Burr Oaks by
                                                                               Fr. Anthony Farrell

Excerpts from The Navy V-12 Program by James G. Schnieder,1987:
      "The Physical Training Program", pp. 175-177.
      "The Program At St. Ambrose College", p. 476.

Photographs Pertaining to the V-12 Naval Training Program:

Class of 1944, V-12 Naval Training Program

Class of 1945, V-12 Naval Training Program

V-12 Naval Training Unit, 1945

V-12 Naval Training Unit on Parade

V-12 Naval Training Unit Parade March


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